Suggested Watermelon Varieties for Texas

Frank J. Dainello, Extension Horticulturist
Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University
with input from TAEX Vegetable Crops Specialists and members of the Texas Vegetable Seed Sales Industry.

Hybrids Big Stripe, Royal Sweet, Jamboree, Stargazer, Stars-N-Stripes. Summer Flavor, 800, Dulce, Ole, Sangria, Summer Flavor, 810
Seedless(Triploids) Crimson Trio, Tri X313, Caurosel, Dillion, Summer Sweet, 5244, Gem Dandy, Tri X Palomar, Sweet Slice
Long Seedless Revolution
Open Pollinated Allsweet, Jubilee II, Legacy
Yellow Flesh Summer Gold, Gold Strike (orange flesh)

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