The authors of this Guide to Marketing Organic Produce express sincere appreciation to everyone who assisted in any manner in bringing this publication to the Texas Produce Industry, with special thanks to the following:

For administrative and financial support:
Dr. Zerle Carpenter, Director, Texas Cooprative Extension (TCEX)
Dr. Milo Shult, Former Associate Director, (TCEX)
Dr. John Beverly, Former Assistant Director, (TCEX) 

For administrative support and encouragement:
Dr. Roland Smith, Agricultural Economics Program Unit Leader 

For editorial and publication work on the printed document:
Ms. Judy Winn, Agricultural Communications 

For manuscript review on the printed document:
Dr. Sam Cotner, Department of Horticultural Sciences
Dr. Calvin Lyons, Department of Horticultural Sciences
Dr. Frank Dainello, Department of Horticultural Sciences
Mr. Keith Jones, Organic Program Specialist, Texas Department of Agriculture 

For secretarial assistance in typing, collating and distributing the Guide:
Ms. Mary Lawrence, College Station

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