Dr. Joe Masabni
Patrick Lillard
Department of Horticulture
Texas AgriLife Extension Service


shallotsConsidered to be the gourmet member of the onion family because of its mild, delicate flavor, shallots are very similar to green onions but develop in clusters of small bulbs rather than as individual onions. Shallot bulbs are small, generally elongated and have a distinctively different flavor and odor as compared to onions.


Shallots are grown similar to onions. Planting is usually done in the fall or early spring. Plant small bulbs about 6 inches apart leaving the growing point exposed above the surface of the ground. Maintain adequate fertility and moisture conditions during plant growth. Harvest in early summer when the leaves turn brown. Save some bulbs for the next season’s garden.


Look for bulbs that are firm and free of rot and bruises. Shallots with yellow skin have a strong flavor. If green shallots are desired, select those that have a strong, disease-free tops and healthy stalks. Dry shallot bulbs store well in ventilated, cool but dry areas. Store green shallots in refrigeration and use within about 2 weeks.

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