2011 Practices

Transplanted 3 March 2011 (Average plant population of 1,452 plants/A)
Harvested (once-over) 23 May 2011
Fertilization Fertilized with 12-12-6 at 10 gal/A (wt. 10.71 lbs./gal) for a total of seven times on every irrigation run through the course of the season. (Rate of actual N-P-K in lbs. per acre of 90-90-45).
Irrigation Transplanted plants into test plot and drip irrigated on Mar. 3 Drip tape was placed 6 inches deep and 6 inches offset from the center of the black plastic mulch bed.
Pest control After plants were established two applications of Platinum were applied about 1 week apart at 4 oz./A. Three applications of Ridomil-Gold Bravo at 2 lbs./A were applied for general prevention of downy mildew.
Study Comments: As a whole the season was very dry. Vine decline was observed on a few plants near harvest but not as bad as past years. Yield and quality were excellent due to a dry season and few pests. Some brix levels reached 14.0.
Transplanted 1 April 2011 (Average plant population of 2,178 plants/A for triploids and 2,904 plants/A for diploids)
Harvested (once-over) 27 June 2011
Fertilization Prior to planting 40 units of nitrogen and 80 units of Phosphorus were injected into the planting rows. Liquid nitrogen was injected through the irrigation 3 times at a rate of about 40 lbs./A. Total nitrogen was about 200 units of N-P-K (rate in lbs./A of 160-80-0) when considering field carryover.
Irrigation Center pivot with 15 irrigations applied through the season; 1-1.5 inches per application.
Pest Control Transplants were treated with Admire Pro prior to planting.
In addition, the following were applied:
4/10 Diazinon AG 500 1 qt. (per acre)
4/26 Inspire Super 16 oz. + Radiant 6 oz.
5/13 Epi-mek 12.8 oz.
5/31 Inspire Super 16 oz. + Radiant 6 oz.
6/18 Rally 5 oz. + Portal 1 pt.
6/29 Procure 8 oz. + Armicarb 3 lbs.
7/7 Rally 5 oz.
Study Comments: Triploids seeded 9 March 2011
Diploids seeded 16 March 2011
Corn stubble from the previous year served as the wind break.
Row spacing: 60 inches with triploids 4 feet apart and diploids 3 feet apart.
Curbit 1 quart/A was applied for weed control following transplanting.
Gorgeous vines and fruit set; Field average was 50,000 pounds plus per acre.
Transplanted May 23, 2011 (average population of 3,265 plants/A)
Harvested (three times) August 8-25, 2011
Fertilization Preplant 120 lbs./A nitrogen injected on 80” centers. (Rate of actual N-P-K in lbs. per acre of 120-0-0).
Irrigation Drip irrigation with Netafim T-Tape with 12” emitter spacings and applied twice weekly for an average of 2.0 – 2.5” of water.
Study Comments: Varieties were seeded in the greenhouse on April 18. Transplants were hardened for 7-10 days prior to transplanting. Varieties were hand-transplanted using a bulb transplanter; spaced at 2 ft. in-row and 6.67 ft. between-row spacing into plots measuring 6.67 ft. x 27 ft. with 3 replications. Temperatures exceeded 100o F for 30 days during the course of the trial, and most days during the trial period had temperatures in mid- to high 90s. Less than 1.0” of rain fell during the trial. Watermelons were harvested on three times beginning on August 8 and ending on August 25.

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