2009 Practices


Transplanted: March 16, 2009 (Average plant population of 2,178 plants/A).
Harvested (once-over): June 10, 2009
 Fertilization: Rate of actual N-P-K in lbs per acre were 80-80-80 plus 10 lbs of Ca.
 Irrigation: Transplanted plants into test plot and drip irrigated on Mar. 16 Drip tape was placed 6 inches deep in the center of the black plastic mulch bed. The plot was irrigated 11 times at about 1 inch per irrigation through the course of the study. It also rained in 3 events near harvest for another 3 inches total.
 Pest Control: After plants were established one applications of Admire was applied about 1 week after transplanting at a rate of 16 oz/A. No other applications of insecticides or fungicides were applied in the plot for the remainder of the season. Plots were handed weeded two times.
 Study Comments: Through most of the watermelon trial environmental conditions were very dry until showers occurred on May 16 (0.45 inches), May 24 (1 inch), and June 1 (.39 inches). Downy mildew became very severe at the end of the trial because of the three rain events that the plots were only harvested once. Whitefly and leafminers were present through the entire season but were at fairly low levels Trial was planted on 80 beds and 3 feet plant spacing.


Transplanted: April 1, 2009 (Average plant population of 1,742 plants/A).
Harvested (once-over): June 29, 2009
Fertilization: Prior to planting 20 units of nitrogen and 45 units of phosphorus were injected into planting rows. Liquid nitrogen was injected 4 times by irrigation at a rate of 40 lbs/acre. Total nitrogen applied was 180 units.
Irrigation: Center pivot with six irrigations applied through the season..
Pest Control: Transplants were treated with Admire Pro prior to planting.
Surround and Sunscreen were applied just prior to harvest.
Plants were treated with the following applications:
4/22 Radiant – 6 ounces/A
5/18 Radiant – 6 ounces/A
5/28 Prophyt – 3 pints/A
6/5 Cabrio – 12 ounces/A + Procure 6 ounces/A
6/13 Rally – 6 ounces/A + Actara 3.5 ounces/A
6/20 Flint – 3 ounces/A
6/30 Procure – 6 ounces/A
 Study Comments: Diploids seeded on March 23 at Peterson Brothers
Triploids seeded on March 16 at Peterson Brothers
Transplanted on April 1, 2009
Plants watered using center pivot
Corn stubble served as wind break
Row spacing = 60 inches with plants 5 feet apart
Each rep had 5 plants and then a skip
Once over harvest June 29, 2009
Curbit (1 ½ pints/A) and Alanap (1 and 2 quarts/A) were applied for weed control. Virginia Copperleaf was a problem.


Transplanted: May 18, 2009 (Average plant population of 2,178 plants/A).
Harvested (three times): August 10, August 17 and September 2, 2009
Fertilization: 5 lbs of urea was injected into the drip lines about weekly for 8 times.
Irrigation: Drip-irrigated once a week.
Pest Control: The test site was treated with a pre-transplant application of Dual Magnum (1 pt/A). One application of Warrior II (3.84 oz/A) and Bravo (2.5 pts/A) were applied on May 22.
The test site was weeded by hand as needed during the course of the trial. There were no major outbreaks of disease or insects during the course of the study. Insects and diseases were controlled using registered products, and escaped weeds were removed to prevent competition.
 Study Comments: Although plots were irrigated through drip lines, about 6.07 inches of rain fell during season. Wild bee populations were present within the field and no beehives were brought in for pollination. Watermelons were first harvested on August 10 approximately 84 days following transplanting.

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