Poinsettia Forms and Styles

Poinsettias are sold in many sizes, shapes and forms. This variety helps growers market their plants and provides a range of opportunities for new and innovative products. The following is a brief description of the most commonly grown items:

Mini Poinsettias: This highly specialized form of poinsettia production is rather new in the market. Plants range in size from 3-5 inches tall and are grown under extremely intensive conditions. While very popular in Europe, mini poinsettias have yet to catch-on in the U.S.

4-Inch: Poinsettias grown in 4-inch pots are very popular. These plants are typically produced 1 per pot and will reach a height of 10 -12 inches. This size poinsettia is ideal for desk tops or as a gift item.

Pinched Plants: Typically grown in 5, 5.5, 6, or 8 inch pots, these plants are pinched to increase the number of lateral branches per plant. Each plant generally averages 4 – breaks per plant. Pinched poinsettias are the most popular form in the market.

Straight Ups: Also grown in 5, 5.5, 6 or 8 inch pots. These plants are not pinched, resulting in one very large infloresence with enlarged bracts. Often grown 3 – 4 plants per pot. Straight ups are a more traditional style of poinsettia.

Baskets: Baskets are becoming more popular for early season decorations in malls and other retail areas. Pot sizes can range from 10 – 20 inches in diameter. Baskets generally require 3 – 5 plants per pot.

Trees: A very unique style with a 2 – 3 foot trunk and 12 – 14 inch diameter flowering head. Trees require a lengthy growing season and have found limited success in the market. Extremely difficult to ship.

Bushes: Bushes are usually left-over stock plants that are carried on to flower. Although they have been more popular than trees, poinsettia bushes are also difficult to ship.

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