Floral Merchandising

Dr. Charles R. Hall
Associate Professor of Agricultrual Economics & Extension Specialist
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas

Floral industry statistics show that supermarkets and other non-traditional outlets are capturing a larger share of the $13 billion retail floral market. The Floral Index put non-florist share of the market at 42% in 1990, compared with 39% a year earlier. According to a Progressive Grocer’s Annual Report, 65% of supermarket chains and 35% of the independents carried florals in 1990. The most recent survey of Supermarket Floral Retailing found that limited-service departments generated the highest proportion (52%) of floral sales among supermarkets surveyed and extended full-service departments accounted for 21% of floral sales.

The continuation of these favorable trends depends on the ability of supermarket floral departments to successfully merchandise floral products. Included in this section are hands-on techniques of floral merchandising and salesmanship.

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