You, the salesperson, are the most important individual in your store. Your cooperation, support and “100 percent” salesmanship effort are essential if you and your store are to succeed. You, the salesperson, are the final step in a long chain of action–action designed to meet and serve customer needs by providing them with merchandise when they need it. You make the entire process a success or failure by using either good or poor salesmanship. You are very important in the following ways:


You are important to yourself.
Personal success.
Personal satisfaction.
Family stability, security and enjoyment.


You are important to your customers.
You are often the only contact with the store.
You represent the store to the customer.
Customers often look to you as an expert to satisfy their needs and wants.


You are important to your co-workers.
Mutual cooperation and understanding are essential to make a department operate smoothly and profitably.
Co-workers look to you for advice, help and assistance in getting the job done.


You are important to the department manager and the store manager.
Their knowledge, experience and planning are not effective unless you sell the merchandise.
Your sales directly affect their income and success.


You are important to the store owner.
The owner’s investment and security are in your hands.
The owner makes or loses money according to sales records of total salespeople in the store.

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