Poinsettia Cultivars

Selecting the variety/cultivar of poinsettia to produce is one of the most critical decisions a grower must make. Generally color and growth habit are the two factors most frequently considered in making this decision. However, the “response group” of a variety/cultivar is also important. The term response group refers to the length of time required for a plant to reach maturity following the start of short days. Most modern day varieties/cultivars fall in the 8 – 9 week response group. But it is important to remember that these classifications are only guidelines to be used for scheduling and other cultural inputs. Because the climate in Texas varies throughout the state, it is necessary to become familiar with the response of a specific poinsettia variety/cultivar in your area.

The following is a list of poinsettia varieties/cultivars that are grown most commonly by Texas producers:


Variety Response Group Bract Color
V-10 (Red) 8 weeks Light red
V-14 (Red) 9 weeks Medium red
Annette Hegg Dark Red 9 weeks Dark red
Celebrate 2 9 weeks Dark-medium red
Supjibi 9 weeks Medium red
Freedom 9 weeks Medium red
Lelo 9 weeks Medium red
V-14 (White) 9 weeks Not pure white
Angelika (White) 9 weeks Not pure white
V-14 (Pink) 9 weeks Medium pink
Jingle Bells 10.5 weeks Red with pink flecks

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