Capturing The Impulse Sale

With the introduction of full-scale floral departments in grocery stores, consumers are confronted with a new way to obtain floral products. Not only can they make their planned, regular floral purchases without theinconvenience of going to a florist, but they can also obtain their spur-of-the-moment “day brighteners”. For the retailer, getting that impulse buy is both a special opportunity and a challenge. It has been estimated that impulse purchases account for as much as 80 to 90 percent of the supermarket’s total floral sales.

Making sure consumers get a look at the available floral items ranks high on the list of ideas for increasing floral impulse buys. What’s shown, however, must not only be colorful and eye catching, but of the highest quality as well. When the consumer visits the department, it should be accessible and “user-friendly” with helpful personnel.

Creating variety in the department with frequent changes of display and movement of regularly sold merchandise also entices customers. Recognizing items that typically make a minimal contribution to sales and replacing them with items that create “sales appeal” increases the likelihood of impulse sales. Displays that tie in with a national slogan or storewide theme generate interest, as do displays that highlight special products and services.

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