The Texas Poinsettia Producers Guide

Poinsettia History
Poinsettia Forms and Styles
Economics & Marketing
Cultural Characteristics
Poinsettia Cultivars
Production Schedule
Height Control
Selecting a Growing Medium
Water Quality
Poinsettia Nutrition
Insect & Mite Management
Poinsettia Diseases & Control
Common Disorders
Conversion Tables
Additional References

Educational resource based on a publication by the same name prepared by Dr. Don Wilkerson, Dr. Larry Barnes, Dr. Bastiaan Drees, and Dr. Charles Hall, Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Copyright  TAEX all rights reserved. Hypertext markup and resource design by Dan Lineberger and Kimberly A. Mason.
NOTE: For more poinsettia information be sure to see the September, 1994 issue of the Texas Greenhouse Bulletin…

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