EXAMPLE 2 – Weekly Safety Inspection

(Complete before the growing season and weekly during the season)

Make sure all equipment and working areas are as safe as possible. Use this checklist as a guide to help you make sure your operation is a safe place to work this season.

Take a walk through the nursery and personally check each item. Then you know for sure that it is as safe as possible.


yes or no – Warning signs are placed at all hazardous working areas and at all building exits.
yes or no – Stairways and walkways are completely cleared of all objects and have rail guards.
yes or no – All conditions that would allow oil or other objects and materials to drop into walkways and stairways are eliminated.
yes or no – Indoor and outdoor junk piles have been eliminated.
yes or no – Ladders have been inspected to make sure they are in good condition. Damaged ladders have been removed from premises or destroyed.
yes or no – Fire extinguishers have been checked to make sure they are properly charged and working.
yes or no – Fire extinguisher locations have been clearly marked and are known to all employees.
yes or no – Local fire department telephone numbers are posted in the office and production area. (Also need chemical information numbers as required by law.)
yes or no – Electric power tools are grounded.
yes or no – Receptacles are grounded.
yes or no – Worn or frayed extension cords and wires have been replaced.
yes or no – Loose and dangling cords and wires have been fastened out of workers’ way.
yes or no – Dust masks and ear plugs are available to those workers whose job requires them to use them.
yes or no – Small hand tools are stored in a tool box.
yes or no – First aid kits are available at the office and/or in other accessible locations.
yes or no – First aid kits have been checked to make sure they are properly equipped.
yes or no – At least one employee is trained in first aid.
yes or no – Local doctor, ambulance service, and nearest hospital telephone numbers are posted in the office.
yes or no – Moving machine parts that are easily accessible by workers have been properly guarded or screened.
yes or no – Pulleys and belts have been checked for cracks, wear, or other damage.
yes or no – Fuel lines have been inspected for leaks.
yes or no – Audible warning devices for starting machines and equipment have been checked.
yes or no – General inspection has been conducted for loose bolts, pulleys, belting, tools or materials in ducts, and loose set screws in pulleys or shaft ends.

In making this safety check, you will probably think of or see other safety hazards that need attention. List these as you see or think of them.

It is my responsibility to see that these problems are corrected.

Inspection Completed by:
Safety Supervisor :

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