EXAMPLE 1 – Office Safety Checklist

Date of Inspection:


  1. Are floors well maintained to provide secure footing?
  2. Are aisles sufficiently wide to provide easy movement?
  3. Are stairs free of chips or cracks?
  4. Are non-slip surfaces provided?
  5. Are stairwells properly illuminated?
  6. Are handrails provided and securely fastened?
  7. Are non-slip feet on all portable elevated structures?
  8. Are fixtures and furniture free of splinters or sharp edges?
  9. Are desk and file drawers easily operated?
  10. Are file cabinets anchored to prevent tipping?
  11. Is castered furniture easy to move?
  12. Are heavy machines properly and securely mounted?
  13. Is all electrical machinery equipped with ground wire?
  14. Is use of extension cords prohibited?
  15. Are all electric cords, plugs, and switches in good repair?
  16. Are moving parts and “pinch points” guarded?
  17. Are operators of machines properly trained?
  18. Are machines turned off and/or electric plugs disconnected when repairs or adjustments are made?
  19. Are scissors, knives, pins, razor blades, and other sharp items safely used and stored?
  20. Is use of sharp spindle files prohibited?
  21. Are female employees cautioned about the hazards of restrictive or frilly clothes, excessive jewelry, and extremely high heels?
  22. Is adequate number of proper sized ashtrays available? Is smoking prohibited in hazardous areas? Are ashtrays properly and frequently emptied?
  23. Are all flammable materials stored in metal cabinets?
  24. Are used cleaning waste or rags kept in closed metal container?
  25. Are storage areas kept clean and orderly?
  26. Are all electric machines or heat producing elements turned off when not in use?
  27. Are heating elements – coffee makers, griddles, portable electric heaters properly wired, safely placed, and on regular maintenance service?
  28. Are proper type and number of fire extinguishers available? Are employees trained to use extinguishers?
  29. Are employees instructed in fire reporting and emergency duties?
  30. Are employees instructed in the proper lifting techniques?
  31. Do employees apply safe work habits?
  32. Does the department participate in and support the overall safety program?

List all noted unsafe acts:

Recommendations, observations, and comments:

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