7. Production Area Safety

When the nursery/greenhouse is operating there can be a lot of traffic in the production area. Plants are coming in from the field, trailers or modules are being moved, employees are going to and from work, and general traffic from associated people may be high. There are many people and vehicles to watch out for. Some of the most important precautions are:


  • Always be on the lookout for people or vehicles.
  • Don’t go too fast! Go even slower on rough or slick spots.
  • Slow down when making a turn.
  • On short turns, look behind you to make sure that the towing vehicle does not hit the towed equipment.
  • Never spin a tractor around by using one brake.
  • Both brakes should be used when stopping a heavy load. If only one is used, your direction will be changed and if you are moving fast enough, the rig could jack-knife and cause a serious accident.
  • Before moving any load, make sure that no one is in your path. Look back to see that no one has gotten under the trailer to work on it, to eat lunch, or take a nap.
  • Know safe operating rules before you drive a tractor. If you have not had safe tractor operation and driving training tell your supervisor.
  • Do not drive close to fences, trees, ditches, vehicles, buildings, or other obstacles. Look forward, backward, and to the side before you move. While you are moving, constantly scan the area around you in all directions for hazards.
  • Do not operate a tractor from anywhere other than the driver’s seat.
  • Do not allow anyone to ride on a tractor other than the driver.
  • Be very careful when hitching to a trailer. Use a safety hitch pin and always be sure the device to keep the pin in position is in place.
  • Never mount or dismount a tractor while it is moving.
  • Do not stand on the ground and start a tractor.
  • When you stop a tractor, set the brakes. Before you dismount, shift the transmission into a low gear and wait until the engine has completely stopped turning.
  • If the vehicle you are operating needs repair or adjustment, tell your supervisor.
  • If a tractor has a ROPS (roll bar), fasten the seatbelt while you are operating it.
  • Remember, failure to follow safety procedures properly or to pay attention to workplace safety could result in injury to you or your fellow workers.

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