5. Housekeeping

Good housekeeping can be extremely important in keeping an operation safe. Housekeeping can also be an indication of the attention that is given to safety.


  • Good housekeeping is the foundation for a safe, healthful and pleasant place to work.
  • The general rule for good housekeeping is: “A place for every-thing and everything in its place.”
  • Keep materials and equipment out of aisles, and passageways, and off stairways.
  • Have a place to store spare parts – not in the corners.
  • Return tools and equipment to proper storage place after use.
  • Keep floors dry and avoid spilling liquids, especially oils. Clean up all spills immediately.
  • Oily rags, old paint cans, oil containers, etc. that have held flammable liquids are a fire hazard. Properly dispose of these as soon as you can.
  • Throw away trash and scrap in proper waste containers; place oily materials in covered metal containers.
  • Keep your work area clean.
  • Dispose of all chemical and pesticide containers properly. No dumping or rinsing in unapproved areas.
  • Clean all chemical and pesticide applicator equipment thoroughly after use.
  • Remember, failure to follow safety procedures properly or to pay attention to workplace safety could result in injury to you or your fellow workers.

NOTE: Point out the specific areas in your operation that need immediate attention and/or relate experiences where better housekeeping would have made a difference.

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