3. Machine Guards and Safety Devices

Protective guards and safety devices prevent many accidents and are required by government OSHA and state regulations. Equipment that has guards and safety devices in place is much safer than that which does not. Even with guards and safety devices in place, you should be alert and cautious when working on or around machinery.


  • Never operate any piece of machinery while the guard is off.
  • Never “fix” any safety device so it will not operate as intended. They are there for protection.
  • The job is not finished until the guard is replaced. If you take it off – put it back.
  • Remember, failure to follow safety procedures properly or to pay attention to workplace safety could result in injury to you or your fellow workers.

NOTE: Get employees to talk about the consequences of getting a hand caught in the V-belt, roller chain drive, etc. Also talk about the consequences of “rigging” machinery to operate without the safety guard.

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