10. Eye Protection

Eye protection is necessary for many jobs. Let me hear some suggestions on what kind of jobs… (listen for about 5 suggestions). Correct! Eye protection is required for operations involving chipping and hammering on metals and concretes. It is also required when grinding, drilling, spraying, mowing, or using pneumatic impact tools.

It is absolutely necessary to use special glasses when working around electric arc welding or cutting or gas welding. Looking directly at arc welding can damage your eyes even when you are some distance away. Many reptiles have transparent protective sheaths that can be drawn over the eyes for protection and still enable them to see. The camel has a similar mechanism to protect his eyes from blowing sand. You do not have this natural protection. Your protection is your brain – use it to protect your body!

Think ahead of time about eye injury hazards. If you are chipping, put the safety goggles on before you start. If you are working under a piece of equipment, put your safety glasses on first.

If you feel you don’t have the proper kind of eye protection for the job, please ask me or your supervisor and I’ll make sure you get it.

Remember, failure to follow safety procedures properly or to pay attention to workplace safety could result in injury to your and your fellow workers.

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