Shut it Off & Lock it Out

Many accidents have occurred because someone accidentally turned the switch on while another was working on the equipment. These accidents are usually serious and often fatal. Following these suggestions will help avoid an accident:

  1. Never work on any equipment while it is running.
  2. Make everyone aware when equipment is being worked on.
  3. Before you get close to the equipment to be worked on, put a lock on the electrical switch and take all the keys with you. Never give anyone a key to your lock.
  4. Always test the lock by trying to start the equipment to make sure the correct switch has been locked.
  5. The equipment should be shut down when any machinery needs repair.
  6. Be aware of machines that start and stop automatically. They are especially dangerous to work on, since it takes a special effort to determine if the power is off or if the machine is in the pause operational phase.
  7. When work is completed, notify your manager or supervisor and make sure the area is clear and secure.
  8. Sound the alarm to signal the equipment is about to be started.
  9. Wait two minutes after alarm has sounded to turn on equipment. This will allow plenty of time for everyone to get clear.


When in doubt, always lock out!

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