Production Area Safety

When the nursery operation is running, there is a lot of vehicle and human traffic and extra precaution should be observed at all times to ensure safety for everyone. Some of the important precautions that should be observed and followed are:


  1. Always be on the look-out for people or vehicles.
  2. Don’t go too fast!
  3. Slow down for rough or slick spots and when making turns.
  4. On short turns, look behind to make sure the towing vehicle does not hit the towed equipment.
  5. Never spin a tractor around by using one brake.
  6. Both brakes should be used when stopping a heavy load.
  7. Before moving any load, make sure no one is in your path.
  8. Do not drive close to fences, trees, ditches, vehicles, buildings, or other obstacles. While you are moving, constantly observe the area around you in all directions.
  9. Do not operate a tractor unless you are in the driver’s seat.
  10. Do not allow anyone except the driver to ride on the tractor.
  11. Never mount or dismount a tractor while it is moving.
  12. Do not stand on the ground and start a tractor.
  13. Be extra careful when hitching to a trailer. Use a safety hitch pin and always be sure the device to keep the pin in position is in place.

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