Lifting Techniques

Back injury is the leading lost work time injury in industry, and back injuries are all too common. These injuries are usually painful and can be long lasting and expensive. Here are some suggestions to help avoid back injuries:

  1. Lift only loads you can safely handle.
  2. Establish good footing.
  3. Do not reach over other objects to lift. Move objects out of the way to get to the one you want.
  4. Bend at your knees as you grasp the object.
  5. Keep your back straight.
  6. Get a full hand grip.
  7. Lift by straightening the legs.
  8. Lift with load close to body.
  9. Lift slowly.
  10. When lifting and turning, avoid twisting the body at the waist. Shift the position of the feet.
  11. Reverse the procedure to set the object down.
  12. Get help when load is too heavy. Do not hesitate to ask for additional help.

Don’t take a chance on a painful, expensive back injury. Take time to do the job right.

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