Good housekeeping is the foundation for a safe, healthful and pleasant place to work. Many accidents are caused each year by poor housekeeping. It may mean a little extra effort to keep the work place clean, but it could prevent injury and work stoppage.


  1. Keep materials and equipment out of aisles, passageways and off stairways. “If it isn’t moving, it does’t belong in these places.”
  2. Keep tools in their proper place. Do not allow them to become scattered on the floor or left in equipment.
  3. Have a place to store spare parts.
  4. Keep floors dry. Avoid spilling liquids, especially oils. Clean up all spills immediately.
  5. Oily rags, old paint cans, oil containers, etc. that have contained flammable liquids are fire hazards. Dispose of these as soon as possible.
  6. All broken bottles, glass, trash and scrap, should be placed in proper waste containers. Place oily materials in covered metal containers.
  7. Weeds and tall grass around the property should be cut. They can be a fire hazard and can hide other safety hazards.
  8. Keep work area clean.

Remember, failure to follow safety procedures properly can result in injury to you or your fellow workers.

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