First Aid

You are never too tough for first aid.Every year thousands of minor cuts and scratches become infected, must be treated in the hospital, and result in permanent disability.

Keep these facts in mind to avoid the infections:


  1. Know where to get first aid.
  2. Take the time to get treatment. A few minutes of precaution can save days in the hospital.
  3. Don’t have any hang-ups about getting treatment or wearing bandages.
  4. Don’t think that a little cut will not amount to much.
  5. Never think that just because similar cuts have healed in the past this one will do the same.
  6. Don’t worry about your name showing up on an accident report.
  7. Don’t be afraid that you will miss work because of the accident.
  8. Do not use “home remedies” to take care of the problem.


It is wise to get first aid for all injuries.

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