Dress for Safety

When you come to work, wear ordinary clothing which is clean, in good repair, and fits properly. Your clothing could be the cause for you having a serious accident. Suggestions for dress when working:


  1. Trousers should not be too long.
  2. Shirt tails should always be tucked inside belt.
  3. Sleeves buttoned on long-sleeve shirts.
  4. When wearing a jacket, make certain the sleeves and other parts are not
  5. When wearing a jacket, make certain the sleeves and other parts are not loose.
  6. Keep all clothes snug, well-fitted, so as not to get caught in machinery.
  7. Keep work clothes clean, as dust and dirty clothes can cause skin rash and irritation.
  8. Wear clothes made of cotton or wool. Synthetic fabrics can melt and cause severe burns when they are worn near flame or intense heat.
  9. Wear comfortable, well fitting shoes or boots. Loose fitting shoes or slippery soles can cause slipping or falling.
  10. Do not wear rings, necklaces or other jewelry. Getting these items caught in equipment can cause amputations or other serious injuries.
  11. If your hair is long, tuck it under a cap or net. Long hair can become entangled in machinery and pull your head in.
  12. Long facial hair should be avoided since it prevents a dust mask from providing its intended protection.


It is great to get dressed up for social activities. However, work is not the place to dress for social activities. Always dress for comfort and safety while working.

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