Compressed Air Precautions

Compressed air is quite handy around a work area, but it can be dangerous if not used properly.

Dangers of Compressed Air:


  1. A blast of air under 40 p.s.i from 4 inches away can rupture an eardrum or cause brain damage.
  2. As little as 12 p.s.i can pop an eyeball from its socket.
  3. Air can enter the navel, even through a layer of clothing, and inflate and rupture the intestines.
  4. Directed at the mouth, compressed air can rupture the lungs.

The following guidelines will reduce the risk of injury when using compressed air:

  1. Examine all hoses, connections, and equipment to see that they are in good condition before turning the pressure on.
  2. Never point the air hose nozzle at any part of your body or at any other person.
  3. Never look into the end of a compressed air device.
  4. Never use compressed air to blow dust or dirt off clothing or body parts.
  5. No horseplay with air hose.
  6. Never kink the hose to stop airflow – turn it off at the control valve.
  7. When using air for cleaning, make sure the pressure is no higher than 30 p.s.i.
  8. Always wear eye protection when using compressed air.

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