EXAMPLE 6 – General Safety Rules

  1. Failure to adhere to state and federal safety laws or company safety rules will be cause for dismissal.
  2. Drinking, gambling, fighting, horseplay or carrying firearms will be cause for dismissal.
  3. Obey all traffic regulations, including seatbelt laws, when operating motor vehicles.
  4. Employees who are off duty will leave the premises immediately. No loitering on the premises is allowed.
  5. For their own protection, family and friends of employees are not allowed in the production area.
  6. Protective equipment will be used when required. Workers shall work fully clothed. Do not wear loose fitting clothes.
  7. All accidents, injuries, hazardous practices, or conditions will be reported to supervisors immediately.
  8. Good housekeeping and fire rules will be observed and maintained at all times.
  9. All equipment with moving parts will be operated with guards in place. Do not remove guards until all machine motion has stopped and the machine is disconnected from its power source. Replace all guards after repairs.
  10. Defective power or hand tools will not be used.
  11. Only qualified operators will operate equipment, switches, valves, or other machinery.
  12. Workers will heed signs, posters, or hazard bulletins posted on company premises.
  13. Listen to instructions. If you don’t understand them, ask before starting to work.
  14. Learn to lift the proper way. Bend knees, keep back erect. Get help with heavy loads.
  15. Do not use a ladder that is bent, cracked, broken, or loose. Do not use metal ladders around electrical hazards. Always use both hands when climbing ladders or stairs. Do not carry tools in your hand when climbing ladders or stairs.
  16. Use tools only for their intended purpose.
  17. Do not start machinery, operate valves, or change electric switches until you’ve made certain that it is safe to do so.
  18. Never start any machine until everyone is clear and warned.
  19. Never put your hand or foot in moving conveyor.
  20. Do not sit or stand on equipment, shafts, or belting.
  21. Never walk on machinery while it is running.
  22. Consider all electrical wires as being dangerous.
  23. Do not repair or adjust machinery while it is in operation.
  24. Do not work on any machinery until authorized to do so by your supervisor or foreman.
  25. Never work under vehicles or equipment supported by jacks or chain hoists without protection blocking.
  26. Never turn compressed air on yourself or anyone. Never use compressed air to clean clothing.
  27. Wear approved dust mask in areas where dust masks are needed.
  28. Wear approved eye protection when the job requires.
  29. Wear approved hearing protection when the job requires.
  30. No smoking in NO SMOKING zones.
  31. Store gasoline in approved containers only.
  32. The label is the law when it comes to agricultural chemicals and pesticides. Read, understand, and comply with all label instructions.
  33. Obey entry designations after chemical use.
  34. Follow label instructions for protective devices when using chemicals or pesticides.
  35. Store pesticides only in approved containers. Always read the label.
  36. All employees must follow company policies. Violations of any safety policy or rule may be cause for immediate dismissal.

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