Miniature Rose

Scientific name: Rosa chinensis var. minima

Description: Bushy and climbing forms as well as forms suitable for training as “standards” generally growing 9-12 inches tall. 1/4- to 1/2-inch flowers come in many different colors, fragrant or without fragrance and with a single circle of petals or many.

Light: Require 14-16 hours of bright light every day to flower well. During the winter rest period, potted roses lose all their leaves and light quality is unimportant.

Temperature: Normal room temperature is suitable during active growing period. Over winter for two months in below 45 degrees F.

Methods of propagation: Stem cuttings or seed

Comment: Prune at the end of the rest period, using sharp scissors to remove up to half the previous year’s growth. Use scissors to remove faded flowers.

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