Dry Beans Crop Guide

Estimated Cost $400 per acre
Market Outlets Wholesale, retail
Market Potential Variable, generally poor
Yield Potential 1000- 2000 lbs/acre
Profit Potential $0 to $400 per acre
Adapted Areas Rolling and High Plains, cool summer nights, limited production potential in other areas.
Labor Requirements Low
Equipment Requirements Tractor, shredder, disk, bedder, planter, cultivator, harvest by contract combine
Soil Requirements Most well-drained soils
Water Requirements 12 to 18 inches during crop season
Minimum Size 40 acres or more
Risk Factor Low
Other Limiting Factors Profitable price, insects and disease. Always purchase seed certified as “disease free” to avoid seed-borne diseases such as halo blight and anthracnose; buyer resistance.
Comments Pinto beans can be harvested early and marketed as “green beans” in some areas of Texas. Good rotation crop.

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