Native Pecans Crop Guide

Estimated Cost Clearing $200 to $500 per acre; $200 per acre annual operating; harvest Novermber to January
Market Outlets Accumulators, shelling plants
Market Potential Low
Profit Potential $0 to $500 per acre
Adapted Areas Along rivers and streams throughout Texas
Labor Requirements One person per 50 acres, more at harvest
Equipment Requirements Trailer, speed sprayer, shredder, shaker, cleaner, harvester
Soil Requirements Deep, well-drained alluvial
Water Requirements 32 inches rainfall from April to October
Minimum Size 10 acres
Risk Factor Low
Other Limiting Factors Flooding, thieves and wildlife can significantly reduce income during harvest. Pests include nut casebearer, weevil, stick bug, crows and squirrels.
Comments Alternate bearing is the rule. Some years produciton is very heavy. Thin trees to only 10 to 20 per acre. Crop protection from pecan nut casebearer and weevil is essential. Sod is necessary to prevent erosion. Nitrogen and zinc are needed on production years. Prices paid for native pecans are low and production expenses need to be lower except during heavy crop years. Consider native pecans as a part of a timber, cattle and real estate operation.

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