Peaches Crop Guide

Estimated Cost $3,500 per acre; harvest May to August; 3 years to first economic harvest
Market Outlets Wholesale, roadside, farmers market, pick-your-own
Market Potential Good; room for expansion
Profit Potential $0 to $1,500 per acre
Adapted Areas Central, East and South Texas
Labor Requirements One man per 25 acres; more at harvest
Equipment Requirements Tractor, air blast sprayer, herbicide applicator, pruning tools
Soil Requirements Sandy loam soil with well-drained clay subsoil
Water Requirements Good quality, 4 gallon-per-minute-per-acre well or other water source
Minimum Size 25 acres – full time; 5 acres- part-time
Risk Factor Moderate to high
Other Limiting Factors Peaches freeze out most years in Panhandle and West Texas areas. Avoid hail belts. No rootstocks are adapted to alkaline soils. Must have well-drained soil. Avoid low ground locations because of water problems and possible spring frosts. Susceptible to oak root rot and cotton root rot.
Comments Peach growing has a high labor requirement during pruning (January to February). Thinning (April) and harvest (May to August). Marketing requires diligent effort and cannot be ignored. Insect and disease control is critical or crop can be unmarketable.

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