Strawberries Crop Guide

Estimated Cost $1,900 to $2,500 per acre establishment and annual production; harvest late March to early April
Market Outlets Pick your own, farmers markets, roadside
Market Potential Good, but competitive California prices are very low
Profit Potential $0 to $1,000 per acre
Adapted Areas South of Houston, San Antonio and Del Rio
Labor Requirements One man per 2 acres; at harvest 10 people per acre
Equipment Requirements Tractor, bedding disk, planter, plastic mulch machine, drip irrigation, sprayer
Soil Requirements Sandy soil only
Water Requirements Minimum of 1 inch per week; good quality sprinkler irrigation at planting and drip irrigation during production
Minimum Size 1/4 acre
Risk Factor High
Other Limiting Factors Spring freeze and high summer temperatures limit production period to only 4 to 8 weeks each spring in late March and early April. Planting, irrigation and harvesting are major management goals. Mites, leaf spot and grey mold are major pests.
Comments Extremely hard stoop labor requirement at planting and harvesting, plus high establishment costs has limited strawberry acerage in Texas. It is currently only in areas with sandy soil and top quality water.

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