Container Nursery Production Crop Guide

Estimated Cost $10,000 per acre establishment costs (grading, roads, water, drainage)
Market Outlets Retail garden centers, landscape contractors, retail sales
Market Potential Some room for expansion
Profit Potential $0 to $12,000 per acre per year
Adapted Areas South and East Texas
Labor Requirements One man per 3 acres depending upon many variables
Equipment Requirements Ranges from a minimum of a small tractor, trailer, sprayer to much more
Soil Requirements None – all plants growin in artificial media
Water Requirements Daily watering necessary most of the year; water quality very important. Low sodium content and high volume water sources are required.
Minimum Size 1 acre
Risk Factor Moderate
Other Limiting Factors Location is important especially if delivery to customers is not possible. Locations near major markets are second only in importance to a good water source. Continuously monitor numerous diseases and insects.
Comments Texas is currently producing less than half of the container plants sold here. Competition from large producers in California and other Gulf Coast states is intense.

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