Citrus Crop Guide

Estimated Cost $3,000 per acre; $1,000 per acre annual operating; 3 years to first harvest; harvest October to April
Market Outlets Packing sheds and gift fruit shippers, cooperatives
Market Potential Good because of limited production size
Profit Potential $0 to $1,000 per acre
Adapted Areas Rio Grande Valley
Labor Requirements One man per 50 acres
Equipment Requirements Air blast sprayer, tractor, herbicide equipment, irrigation equipment
Soil Requirements Sandy loam
Water Requirements Flood irrigation
Minimum Size 25 acres if equipment is owned
Risk Factor High
Other Limiting Factors Winter freezes can cause crop and tree losses with resulting negative cash flow.
Comments Texas citrus, particularly grapfruit, remains in high demand for gift fruit and wholesale outlets. During periods of good growth and no freezes, it can be very profitable; however, the chance of winter freezes keeps this crop in the high risk category.

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