Apples Crop Guide

Estimated Cost Up to $8,000 per acre establishment; $1,000 per acre annual operating; 3 to 4 years to first harvest; harvest season June to August
Market Outlets Local sales, farmers markets, roadside, pick-your-own
Market Potential Poor, due to low color and soft fruit
Profit Potential Unknown
Adapted Areas Mainly areas north of I-10 and mountains of West Texas
Labor Requirements Low to high depending on production system used
Equipment Requirements Tractor, air blast sprayer, herbicide applicatior
Soil Requirements Acid to neutral, sandy loam soil
Water Requirements 4 gallons per minute per acre
Minimum Size 1/2 to 5 acres
Risk Factor High
Other Limiting Factors High temperatures prevents good color development and generally leadsto soft fruit. Cotton root rot limits commercial production in most of Texas. Hail is a limitation in West and Centeral Texas.
Comments Consider apples only as a specialty crop for local sales because color and quality do not ususally meet standards from northern states; however, flavor is good because tree-ripened fruit is better.

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