I was invited to speak at the Virginia Vineyard’s Association’s annual meeting in Charlottesville this past week and on the way back to the airport, Tony Wolf, Viticultural Specialist with Virginia Tech offered to give us a brief tour of a local vineyard.


In this photo, Carl Tillam, vineyard manager, Tony Wolf and Hans Walter Peterson, Finger Lakes Grape Specialist get a chance to tour a Petit Verdot block outside Charlottesville.  A welcome cold spell with a few days of light snow is just what the growers are looking for to keep vines dormant until later in the spring.  From my interaction with the VT faculty and staff, having a few days to visit with Virginia grape growers and a chance to taste some world class wines, Virginia obviously has its act together.  Unlike Texas, The Commonwealth of Virginia continues to invest in the research, education and marketing efforts needed to advance their industry.  As a state, we should pay attention!

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