2023 Irrigation Workshop, Mini-Intensive Irrigation Training

2023 Texas Fruit Conference

Irrigation Workshop

Friday, October 20th, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Viticulture & Fruit Lab, 259 Business Ct., Fredericksburg, Texas

The economic sustainability of growing perennial fruits is enmeshed in irrigation system design, management, and maintenance. Our workshop is planned as a brief but experiential training covering important concepts in successful orchard and vineyard irrigation. Held on the grounds of our own Extension & research vineyard/orchard for practical demonstrations. Cost: $40/person or bundled with conference package.
Registration: https://agriliferegister.tamu.edu/hort-ev-022
9:00 am General Session 1: Water needs of fruit crops—quality, quantity. Implications and examples of failed systems. Water sources. Working with professional irrigation companies.
9:35 am Concurrent Break-out Session 1 Fertigation/Chemigation & Backflow Prevention
9:55am Concurrent Break-out Session 2 Water Filtration & System Maintenance
10:15 am Concurrent Break-out Session 3 Irrigation Scheduling
10:35 am Concurrent Break-out Session 4 Water Delivery Options—Drip, microsprinkler, etc.
11:00 am General Session 2: Soil Moisture Monitoring Technology
11:15 am General Session 3: Remote Operation & System Monitoring Technology
11:30 am General Session 4: Questions-Answers-Summary Points
11:45 am Adjourn Speakers/Contributors—Dr. Larry Stein, Mr. Jim Kamas, Mr. Stephen Janak, Dr. Tim Hartmann, Ms. Jacy Lewis, Dr. Monte Nesbitt, Mr. Tim Meier (ATS Irrigation-Retired), Mr. Josh Brown (Irrigation-Mart)

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