Entering our second full  week of harvest at the Industry PD tolerant grape variety trial.  Really a beautiful plot in an incredible part of the state.  Andrew Labay went down this past week after our first pick to harvest ‘Blanc du Bois’, the standard of our existing PD tolerant varieties.  Tasting the flavors and looking at the chemistry, its easy to see why Blanc is such a winner.   19.6°Brix, pH of 3.4 TA of 6.3g/l, the chemistry was perfect for this grape. 

Others will be picked this week but it looks like we will be dodging the rain.  The Gulf Coast has a tremendous potential as a wine producing region and its really exciting to be a part of this work.  Our other evaluation site in Leakey is so very different, but incredible in its own way.  More on Leakey later in the season.


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