Reve d’Or

Reve d’Or PDF Handout

Cultivar: Reve d’Or
Classification Noisette
Year Introduced 1869
Size Category/Growth Habit Vigorous climber
Height 10-18 feet
Width 8 feet
Spacing 10 feet apart on centers
Color Medium yellow.
Bloom Loosely double blossoms. Successive flushes of bloom spring, summer, and fall.
Fragrant Yes
Stem Few thorns.
Planting Site Full sun. Good air circulation.
Water Use Keep moist until established (usually requires one month to establish). Average water needs during growing season.
Cold Hardiness Hardy in zones 7-9
History Bred in France by Jean-Claude Ducher in 1869 and classified as a Noisette or Tea-Noisette. Reve d’Or is a seedling of the Noisette, Madame Schultz.

Reve d’Or (pronounced rehv dohr) translates from the French as “dream of gold” or “golden dream”. Its blossoms have been described as buff yellow with shades of apricot, golden-hued, or deep yellow with shades of copper. Foliage starts out red and matures to a rich, glossy green. Blooms appear in flushes throughout the growing season with particularly lovely fall blooms. Double blossoms are medium large with 23 to 30 frilly petals. They have a strong tea fragrance. This vigorous growing climber has canes that grow to 18 feet. Because the canes are thin and flexible when young, they are easy to handle and can nicely be used to cover structures such as arches and pergolas. Reve d’Or is nearly thornless making it especially useful on structures near where there is frequent human traffic. It strongly resents any pruning beyond shortening its vigorous summer shoots. This cultivar is so outstanding that it was named “Earth-Kind® Rose of the Year” for 2010 by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

Landscape Uses

The growth is vigorous but will not become overgrown in most situations. This cultivar is well-suited for arbors and other landscape structures.

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