Ducher PDF Handout

Cultivar: Ducher
Classification China
Year Introduced 1869
Size Category/Growth Habit Medium Shrub
Height 6 feet
Width 4 feet
Spacing 6 feet apart on centers
Color Ivory white
Bloom Very double. Successive flushes of bloom spring, summer, and fall.
Fragrant Yes
Foliage New growth is bronze, mature foliage is light green.
Planting Site Full sun, good air circulation
Water Use Keep moist until established (usually requires one month to establish). Average water needs during growing season.
Cold Hardiness Hardy in zones 7-9
History Parents are unknown.

Bred in Lyon, France by Jean-Claude Ducher in the year 1869, Ducher, pronounced “doo-shay“, is one of a very few white China roses. While the Ducher family bred many lovely roses over a lengthy period, this modest rose is the one they chose of bear their family name. Petals of the medium size blooms are pure white though the light reflected often takes on a creamy color. The bush has been described as looking like snow in a pine forest. The double blooms have a fruity fragrance. The compact and rounded, twiggy bush is a nice landscape shrub either as a specimen plant or in a drift of 3 to 5 plants. The soft fullness of the foliage and showy flowers make this an excellent choice to blend with more structured shrubs in a landscape. It works well in a large pot. Ducher tolerates heat, sun and various soil conditions.

Landscape Uses

Ducher is a healthy shrub rose that works well in landscape beds or a container. These plants prefer a well drained soil and do best in full sun. This repeat bloomer makes an excellent specimen plant and the fragrant blossoms are extremely attractive.

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