Knock Out®

Knock Out PDF Handout

Cultivar: Knock Out®
Classification Shrub rose
Year Introduced 2000
Size Category/Growth Habit Medium shrub
Height 6 feet
Width 6 feet
Spacing 8 feet apart on centers
Color Cherry red
Bloom Medium-sized, single blossom. Successive flushes of bloom spring, summer, and fall.
Fragrant No
Planting Site Full sun is best, but can tolerate some light dappled shade in the afternoon. Good air circulation.
Water Use Keep moist until established (usually requires one month to establish). Good drought tolerance. Appears to tolerate highly saline irrigation water when drip irrigated.
Cold Hardiness Hardy in zones 5b-9
History Bred in the United States (1999) by William J. Radler. Introduced in the United States (2000) by Conard-Pyle (Star Roses). Plant name is ‘RADrazz.’ Parentage (‘Carefree Beauty’ x Unknown seedling) x (‘Razzle Dazzle’ x Unknown seedling). 2000 All American Rose Selection winner.

This shrub rose set a new standard in disease resistance with little to no maintenance required. It has stunning flower power that provides an almost non-stop abundance of cherry red, single blossoms. Black spot resistant, drought tolerant and self-cleaning, this rose suits every garden and every lifestyle. Knock Out® is an excellent choice for everyone, and probably the very best choice for gardeners who are just beginning with roses.

Landscape Uses

Knock Out is one of the most popular landscape rose ever produced. Can be used in many landscape designs, including massed along walkways, in front of dark evergreen hedges, accents in front of the house or around a pool – the options are nearly endless.

If you have hesitated using roses in your landscape due to the traditional maintenance required to keep modern hybrid tea roses healthy and disease free, then wait no longer – Knock Out is a rose that will change your mind forever about roses in your garden.

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