New Dawn

New Dawn PDF Handout

Cultivar: New Dawn
Classification Large-flowered climber
Year Introduced 1930
Size Category/Growth Habit Vigorous climber
Height 15-20 feet
Width 10 feet
Spacing 12 feet apart on centers
Color Blush pink.
Bloom Double blossom. Blooms primarily in the spring.
Fragrant Yes
Planting Site Full sun is best, but will tolerate some partial shade. Good air circulation.
Water Use Keep moist until established (usually requires one month to establish). Average water needs during growing season. Appears to tolerate highly saline irrigation water when drip irrigated.
Cold Hardiness Hardy in zones 4-9a
Note Not recommended for far south Texas.
History ‘New Dawn’ is a sport of Dr. W. Van Fleet (hyb. Wichuraiana) introduced by H A Dreer.

The Plant Patent Act of 1930 granted the breeder or discoverer of a new plant variety the right to control its propagation and distribution for 17 years, after that it was common property. ‘New Dawn’ has historical significance because it holds the first plant patent ever granted. Flowers appear singly or in small clusters on thorny canes and produce a prolific flush of blooms in the spring. This vigorous rose has good disease tolerance and will tolerate poor soil and partial shade. It is often used to train up into a tree or on a wall or sturdy trellis. The canes can be heavy and hard to work with and will require strong support, but the resulting floral display is well worth the effort.

Landscape Uses

This climber has an arching form and seems to be a bit more shade tolerant than other selections. New Dawn makes a stunning accent plant in the Spring.

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