Cecile Brunner

Cecile Brunner PDF Handout

Cultivar: Cecile Brunner
Classification Polyantha
Year Introduced 1881
Size Category/Growth Habit Small shrub
Height 4 feet
Width 3 feet
Spacing 5 feet apart on centers
Color Light pink
Bloom Clusters of perfectly formed, high centered, pointed buds open to double blooms. Successive flushes of bloom spring, summer, and fall.
Fragrant Yes
Planting Site Full sun is best but will tolerate some light dappled shade in the afternoon. Good air circulation.
Water Use Keep moist until established (usually requires one month to establish). Average water needs during growing season.
Cold Hardiness Hardy in zones 5-9
History Cecile Brunner was developed in France by Joseph Pernet-Ducher and introduced in 1881. It is a cross of Mignonette and a Tea Rose named Madame de Tartas. It was named after the daughter of Swiss Rosarian Ulrich Brünner.

Cecile Brunner, also known as Mme. Cècile Brünner and The Sweetheart Rose, is a bush rose that grows to 4 feet. It blooms profusely in the spring and then continues to bloom until frost. Blossoms are a soft silvery pink and look like a hybrid tea in miniature. They appear in clusters and have a sweet fragrance. This is one of the best loved and easiest to grow rose varieties.

Landscape Uses

Works very well as a mannerly specimen or as a mid-range plant in a rose bed, with drifts of annuals and/or perennials in front.

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