Tropical Day Bloomers for Water Gardens

‘Albert Greenberg’ Yellow, may be overwintered in southern half of state.
‘Blue Beauty’ Deep blue, very fragrant, old standby.
‘Colorata’ Deep blue, free flowering, African species, overwinters well here.
‘Daubeniana’ Light lavender, fragrant, small, does well in barrels.
‘Director George T. Moore’ Deep violet blue, with yellow centers, takes shade.
‘Evelyn Randig’ Deep magenta, fragrant, variegated foliage, slow to increase.
‘Marian Strawn’ White, large flowers.
‘Mrs. Martin E. Randig’ Deep violet blue, fragrant, increases well.
‘Pink Capensis’ Pink, prolific bloomer, easy to grow, generally seedlings so may vary.
‘Robert Strawn’ Lavender flowers held tall above water, overwinters in southern half of state.
‘St. Louis’ Light yellow, large flowers.
‘Tina’ Purple blue, may overwinter.
‘White Delight’ White, very large flowers.
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