Perennials for Water Gardens

There are many perennials that do well in or around water features. Starred names may be grown directly in the pond, others are excellent in moist soils.

Acorus calamus* Sweet flag, linear foliage, variegated form also.
Adinantum CapillusVeneris Southern maidenhair fern, native Texan.
Canna hybrids* Garden cannas, tropical appearance.
Colocasia esculenta var. fontanesii* Violet stemmed taro, heart shaped leaves, Z. 910.
Crinum americanum* Bog lily, Texas native, 2′, Z. 910.
Crinum hybrids Many pink, white, rose, and striped types.
Cyperus alternifolius* Umbrella palm, sedgelike foliage.
Cyperus haspans* Dwarf papyrus, Z. 910.
Cyperus papyrus* Egyptian papyrus, 6′ 10′ tall.
Dryopteris normalis Wood fern, feathery foliage, deciduous.
Dulichium arundinaceum* Dwarf bamboo, 1′ 3′ tall, not true bamboo.
Eupatorium coelestinum Hardy ageratum, blue flowers in fall, native.
Hibiscus coccineus Texas star hibiscus, rose mallow, star shaped leaves, red flowers, native.
Hibiscus mosheutos Many colors, giant flowers, heat tolerant, native to southern U.S.
Hemerocallis spp. Daylilies, there are many varieties.
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal flower, red spikes, native to shade, native to southeastern U.S.
Physostegia virginiana Obedient plant, lavender and pink spikes in summer and fall.
Pontederia cordata* Pickerel rush, pretty flowers in purple, blue, or white.
Rosa palustris var. scandens Swamp rose, spring flowering rose, very thornless!
Sagittaria latifolia* Arrowhead, interesting leaves and dainty white flowers.
Thalia dealbata* Thalia, 7′ tall flowering spike.
Typha spp.* Cattails. Dwarf selections available.
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