Master Gardener On-Line Training

Welcome to the Earth-Kind® On-Line Master Gardener Training. This program is designed to provide information on a variety of environmentally friendly (Earth-Kind®) practices for use in the home landscape and garden. As your interest and knowledge in this area grows you will have an increased awareness of the many programs, practices and activities that are Earth-Kind®.

Texas Master Gardeners can select from any of these on-line modules to obtain up to 3 hours of re-certification education credits in a calendar year. Each module is worth 1 hour of credit. Master Gardeners are not encouraged to seek re-certification credit for training modules they have completed in previous years.

Progress through the training program is tracked “on-line” and the results for each completed module are automatically forwarded to your county Master Gardener Coordinator.

Participation in the Earth-Kind® On-Line Master Gardener Training will assist Texas AgriLife Extension Service to promote principles and practices that help conserve and protect our state’s valuable natural resources. Working together we can create a healthy and sustainable environment.

To complete a module follow these steps:

  1. Watch the on-line educational presentation for any of the listed topics.
  2. Click on the quiz button next to the associated video and CAREFULLY FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

On-Line Modules

NOTE:Participants must complete the quiz and evaluation to receive re-certification credit.

EK Challenge

Landscape Water Conservation

water conservation quiz

Low-Volume Irrigation

low volume irrigation quiz

Irrigation System Auditing

irrigation auditing quiz

Safe Use and Handling of Pesticides in the Landscape

pesticides quiz

Safe Use and Handling of Fertilizers in the Landscape

fertilizers quiz

Reducing Landscape Waste – Composting

composting quiz

Designing an Earth–Kind® Landscape

landscape design quiz

Landscaping for Energy Conservation

energy conservation quiz

Creating Native Habitat

native habitat quiz

Earth–Kind® Roses

earth-kind roses quiz

Integrated Pest Management

integrated pest management quiz

Pest Management for Crape Myrtles

crapemyrtle pest management quiz

Rainwater Harvesting (Under Construction)

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