Before You Get Started

Thinking about becoming a Food Entrepreneur? You may want to review the following articles and decide if it is the right move for you.

  • Is Entrepreneurship for you?
    In business, there are no guarantees. There is simply no way to eliminate all the risks associated with starting a small business – but you can improve your chances of success with good planning, preparation, and insight.
    U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Selling Food Products
    Finding a market, studying the competition, licensing, facilities and appliances, food cost pricing, marketing, promotion, food processing and safety.
    Iowa State University
  • So You Want to be a Food Manufacturer…
    You have a fantastic new idea for a food product. Everyone who tastes it tells you that it’s really great. Some even suggest that you should go into business for yourself. After giving it some careful thought you decide you will go into business and sell your product. But where do you go from here?
    Rutgers Cooperative Extension
  • Considerations Before Starting A Small Food-Processing Business
    Individuals who are interested in introducing a processed food product into the market place should be aware of several considerations. This publication addresses some of the problems typically encountered by home-based businesses that process food items to be sold to the general public.
    Mississippi State Extension
  • From a Chef’s Kitchen to the Frozen Food Aisle
    It takes a lot of dough and elbow grease to get a restaurant favorite into supermarkets.
    Questions and answers from Business Week Magazine
  • Is It Time to Out-Sauce?
    Perfecting a marinade is easy. Deciding if it’s worth paying someone to produce and distribute it is what these caterers need to chew over.
    Business Week Magazine
  • Specialty Food Magazine
    Official Magazine of the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, an international organization composed of domestic and foreign manufacturers, importers, distributors, brokers, retailers, restaurateurs, caterers and others in the specialty foods business.

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