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The Benz School of Floral Design is proud to offer the Principles of Floral Design Certification, designed to prepare the next generation of floral industry professionals. It verifies individuals have acquired the knowledge and skills to pursue a sustainable career in the floral industry.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 55,000 jobs available in the floral design industry. Other related opportunities include positions ranging from event planners to wholesale traders. The Bureau says it takes months to learn the jobs on-site.

The Principles of Floral Design certification assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized standards, which validates mastery of fundamental artistic elements and principles and their application. Those who earn the certification are more qualified and prepared to enter a variety of roles in the floral industry. Additionally, the certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers.

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The Principles of Floral Design exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and skills from the following weighted industry standards:

Floral Design History

Flower Identification

Floral Design Basics

Arrangement Creation & Duplication

Flower Business Management

We work closely with professionals in the field to lead the way in floral design. Because of our knowledge and passion for floral design, we take great responsibility in sharing it. We see countless individuals in our classes who would be better off if they had the opportunity to be educated on the principles of floral design earlier, and we know some will never be able to walk through our doors and take an in-person class. This certification assesses individuals for an in-depth understanding of the elements & principles of floral design that will affect them for the rest of their careers in the industry.

“The Benz School of Floral Design stresses the importance of principles and elements of design in all of its course curriculums, so this connection with CEV Multimedia is a logical extension of what we teach.”  Bill McKinley, Director Benz School of Floral Design

The Benz School utilizes iCEV, a division of CEV Multimedia , as the certification testing platform. As the testing platform, iCEV fulfills the following responsibilities:

  • Provides secure testing technology for certification exams
  • Regulates testing environment
  • Works with secondary and post-secondary academic institutions, workforce development associations and the public-at-large to offer certification options for career advancement
  • Provides certification verification to employers for potential job applicants
  • Offers certification exam preparation materials

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