Yucca spp.

Liliaceae (Lily family)


Texas has more than 30 species of yucca, many cultivated as ornamentals. They are members of the Lily family. Yuccas are usually large plants that have either a distinct, woody trunk above ground or thick, branching, mostly underground main stems.

The leaves are numerous from the base, commonly long, narrow and spine-tipped. They can be thin and flaccid (limp) or thick and rigid.

The usually large and numerous flowers emerge along a tall flowering stem. They are white to cream colored or greenish. The fruits can be dry or fleshy, with many seeds in each cell. The fruit are flattened and usually blackish.

The forage value of yucca is poor for livestock; some species offer fair forage value for wildlife.


This plant is most common in arid regions.