Paspalum dilatatum



Erect or widely spreading stems grow from a decumbent base with short, knotted, black or brown rhizomes. The culms are knee-like at the base, usually with dark, swollen nodes. The blades are more than 1/2 inch wide. The long, extended, nodding panicles have three to five racemes, with long hairs at the axils. The spikelets are solitary in four rows on one side of the rachis. Seed are covered with fine, silky hairs (they resemble tomato seeds).

Dallisgrass is perennial, warm-season, introduced - 12 to 48 inches tall.

Good grazing for livestock. Fair grazing for wildlife. Seedheads can become covered with a sticky "honey dew" that can cause ergot poisoning in cattle.


Grows most abundantly in bottomland pastures that are properly managed. Easily increases on lawns, parks and managed pastures.