Chittamwood, Bumelia

Bumelia lanuginosa



Chittamwood is a native, semi-evergreen, medium-sized tree with oblong, dark green leaves that resemble those of a live oak tree. Its bark is gray to brown in color and the twigs have sharp spines at the ends. Four varieties of B. lanuginosa occur in Texas including gum bumelia (var. albicans), spiny bumelia (var. rigida), Brazos bumelia (var. texana and common bumelia (var. oblongifolia).

From August to November it produces 2-10 greenish white flowers and the black, oblong berries are produced from April to June.

Chittamwood's fruit is consumed by various species of birds and by some small mammals. The leaves are browsed by white-tailed deer and by cattle.


Chittamwood is found in various soil types but especially on bluffs of rivers or streams.