Ceniza, Purplesage, Texas silverleaf

Leucophyllum frutescens (Berl.) I.M. Johnst.

Scrophulariaceae (Foxglove family)


Ceniza is a short, unarmed native shrub growing to 10 feet tall. A member of the Foxglove family, ceniza is a colorful plant that usually stands out on native range, especially when flowering. It is used extensively as an ornamental.

The leaves are hairy, ashy gray, simple and either cluster along the stems or are located alternately along the stems. The flowers are showy, pale violet to purple or pink and have external and internal hairs. On old trunks, the bark is grayish black and rough with small scales.

The forage value for ceniza is fair for livestock and wildlife.


In Texas, ceniza is common on rocky limestone or caliche hills, and in arroyos and chaparral.